Iolaus is more than just a fishing outfit.

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Location: East Africa

Fishing Safaris IOLAUS

Iolaus is more than just a fishing outfit. With an ever-increasing in-depth knowledge on East Africa’s water bodies and an obsession for exploration and conservation, Iolaus builds tailor made fishing safaris that incorporate East Africa’s beauty, culture, wildlife, and people into an unforgettable experience.

Born and raised in East Africa, the trio of founders and guides are constantly on the look out for remote and unique locations and itinerary combinations that suit the individuals’ needs and expectations. Thrilled by an enthusiasm to share their understanding and familiarity of their surroundings, their aim is to custom build your holiday and to make it a unique and bespoke reality.

From the ice fed tarns, rivers, and lakes of the equatorial mountains to the white, squeaky, palm-tree-lined beaches of the Indian Ocean and everything in between, they will accommodate for families, friends, couples, groups, and individuals. Whether it be a cozy log cabin along a crystal clear mountain stream, or a luxury bush lodge surrounded by wildlife, or a Swahili style beach villa, Iolaus will make it happen just the way you want it. FISH DIFFERENT as they say!

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