Why are the Shelamu products more affordable than the “famous brands”?

Since we have found the better manufacturers in the world and have teamed up with them to produce excellent quality with great designs and we sell directly to the consumers, no middle man, no shops, no distributors, just you and us!!!

How can I become a model for Shelamu?

Please contact us, send us your cv and pictures and we will let you know!

How and where does Shelamu ship to?

We ship worldwide, we ship via DHL.

What quality are the Shelamu products?

Our products are of the best possible quality, and yet still affordable, but more importantly we have designed and produced these items for ourselves, being travellers, so it is not “over-designed”. It is an item that is maent to be used.

International Duties and Taxes

Shipments made outside of the Netherlands may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once your package reaches the country of destination and are the responsibility of the recipient. If your consignment is subject to customs investigation you will be notified in time.

Cancelling an order

You can make changes or cancel your order at any time before your order has been processed. To make changes to your order, please contact us by emailing us at she (at) shelamu.com. If your order has already been processed, you may only be able to request a refund or exchange of the merchandise. Please see the terms of our return and exchange policy.

Order confirmation

When we receive your order, you will be sent an email confirmation within minutes.  In case you do not receive an email within a day, contact us with all the details at she (at) shelamu.com before placing another order for the same merchandise.

What are the charges for shipping & handling?

Shipping and Handling rates are based on order size, destination, and delivery time, but are included in the purchases price of your order.

Please direct your questions concerning sales and shipping to:
sales (AT) shelamu.com,