Visit: Talisman



The Talisman Restaurant, Nairobi, Has an exciting fusion of European, Asian and African cuisines. Here,“We do everything in house,” says Chef Marcus, “from smoking salmon in the garden and creating up signature pasta dishes to raising seasonal vegetables. We even make our own chili sauce and mustard from mustard seeds, cider and sage.”
Salmon that arrives from Norway on ice, never frozen. The fusion sublime of feta and coriander in our famous samosas. Thai starters and rich curries. Crackling braised belly of pork with carrot puree in port jus. Homemade gnocchi in Roquefort sauce with garden-fresh rocket. English pub-style fish and chips; an all-American hamburger with all the trimmings. Craving Japanese? How about the Talisman deluxe mixed sushi and sashimi platter? Got a sweet tooth? The Cape Malva and Knickerbocker Glory just melt in your mouth.
“Our menu is seasonal,” says Chef Marcus. “Talisman believes in getting produce locally and supporting different food communities in Kenya. For example, our fish is flown in on Air Kenya direct from Lamu. And my crew prides itself on the finest of touches to each and every dish.”

 Here, food comes first